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 Which Massage is Right for You 

Some clothes are one size fits all, but massage therapy does not work the same way. At Enhancing Massage we offer Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Chair Massage, and other therapies. Each massage has a purpose, and we want to make sure you get the most out of your session. So the more informed you are about the different massages, the better you can determine which is right for you.

Deep Tissue Massage

  • Focuses on deep layers of muscle in the body.
  • Beneficial for releasing chronic muscle tension, pain, aches, and tightness.
  • Slow, firm strokes are used.  
  • Physically breaks down adhesions to restore normal movement.

Sports Massage

  • Focuses on sports-related areas of pain.
  • Addresses areas of concern for those who are physically active, in particular athletes.
  • Prepares athletes for their optimal performance and treats injury.
  • Technique combines firm massage, stretching, range of motion, and cupping therapy.

Chair Massage

  • Great for corporate events and parties.
  • Focuses on the neck, shoulders, upper back and lower back.
  • Popular for workplace wellness programs.
  • Helps reduce stress, improve sleep, and relax muscles.

It’s always great to know what your options are so you can make an informed decision. We will also give our recommendations based on the pain and symptoms you are having. Book today at http://enhancingmassage.massagetherapy.com/hours-and-scheduling.

How Clinical Massage Therapy Can Help You

Massage therapy can go beyond stress relief. Clinical massage therapy focuses on relief from injury and pain reduction. At Enhancing Massage and Bodyworks, we specialize in clinical massage therapy that targets symptoms or conditions you may feel. Clinical massage therapy goes beyond kneading into you for the purpose of relaxation. We help clients get through life with painful conditions. The power of touch is amazing, and below are three of the many conditions we can help relieve:

  • Hypertension: The term high blood pressure may be more familiar than hypertension. Hypertension occurs when the pressure inside the blood vessels is too high. Millions of Americans suffer from high blood pressure, and if it is untreated it can cause heart disease. There are medications that can help treat hypertension, but there are also lifestyle changes you can make to treat it. Reducing stress and relaxing the muscles helps with high blood pressure. An effective massage therapy session reduces stress and some symptoms associated with hypertension.
  • Arthritis: Symptoms of arthritis includes joint pain, redness, swelling, and stiffness. We treat clients that suffer from arthritis regularly. Our therapeutic/deep tissue massage addresses pain in the tissues and muscles. Any reputable massage therapist will ask you if you have any issues or problem areas prior to the massage therapy session. The pressure is adjusted based on your concerns, and a custom massage is created for you.
  • Back Pain: According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, Americans spend at least $50 billion each year on low back pain. Back pain is common in individuals of all ages, and it dramatically affects our day-to-day activities. There is full body massage therapy available as well as massages for just the shoulders, upper back and lower back. Studies have shown that those who have back pain and get regular massages experience greater improvements.

Clinical massage therapists do not diagnosis conditions, but they can provide temporary relief from several symptoms. Visit http://enhancingmassage.massagetherapy.com/hours-and-scheduling to book your next massage.

What You Don't Know About Your Body 

Because of the human body, we can walk, talk, eat and do many other necessary activities. It’s no argument that the human body can do amazing things. As a massage therapist, I see hundreds of bodies a year. After years of training and experience, I know the names of the muscles in the body, how muscles work, and how the body reacts to different touches. However it’s impossible to know everything about the body. There are a lot of interesting facts you may not know about the human body. So sit back, relax and prepare to be amazed by some of these fun facts.

  • An adult is made up of 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (7 octillion) atoms.
  • Human bone is as strong as granite. A block of bone the size of a matchbox could support nine tons of weight.
  • There are approximately 640 skeletal muscles within the typical human and 206 bones in the body.
  • The human body is 75% water.
  • The strongest muscle in the human body is the tongue.
  • The hardest muscle in the human body is the jawbone.
  • Your bones are composed of 31% water.
  • Your heart will pump enough blood to fill up 200 train tank cars in its lifetime.
  • Your nose can remember 50,000 human scents.
  • You use 200 muscles to take one step.

Didn’t these facts blow your mind? There are so many things to learn about the human body, and the good thing is you don’t have to know everything. And as your personal massage therapist, I know enough to make sure you’re relaxed, relieved and free of muscle tension. Book your next massage today!

10 Ways to Relieve Stress

“Stress should be a powerful driving force, not an obstacle.” ~Bill Phillips

Do you wish you could just go to the doctor for stress, be given a prescription, go to the pharmacy, take the recommended dosage, and be cured? Well, join the club. Because stress is more of a mental battle, it doesn’t just disappear that easily. Although we can’t make your stress disappear, we can help you relieve it so that you can get back to enjoying life. There are a lot of fun, relaxing activities that can help put your mind at ease. Below are 10 ways to relieve stress.

  1. Get a relaxing massage at Enhancing Massage and Bodyworks.
  2. Paint in the comfort of your own home, or try a fun class at Painting with a Twist.
  3. Find a new recipe and spend a few hours in the kitchen cooking it up.
  4. Turn up the radio and tune out your environment with music. Maybe Pharell’s Happy will lift your spirits?
  5. Grab your favorite book and read it cover to cover.
  6. Book a trip and spend a few days in a new environment.
  7. Unleash your creativity by writing, drawing, sewing and doing other arts and crafts.
  8. Sweat it out at the gym or at a nearby yoga studio.
  9. Dim the lights, light a few aromatherapy candles, and draw a bubble bath.
  10. Sleep, laugh and talk it out.

Don’t allow stress to dictate your life. Although we can’t control what happens to up we can control how we will react to it. Let Enhancing Massage and Bodyworks help you knead your stress away.

 Break Up with Back Pain

What would you do if you couldn’t sit, bend down, or turn around? Our back and spine plays an important part in our every day activities, so without it we wouldn't be very mobile. If our back is very important, why do we allow back pain to threaten our health? It’s time for you to break up with back pain and never look back.

Now, we didn’t say that breaking up would be easy, but it is possible. In order to relieve back pain, you must first understand what caused it. Simple everyday activities like working, exercising and moving causes strain over time. There is a right and wrong way to do all of these, and last week on the EMB Facebook page we showed you the correct posture to have at your desk. If you're an avid exerciser, you may also hear your trainer mention form several times. The wrong squat or deadlift can seriously leave you injured.

The pain one feels from back pain is enough reason to break up with it alone. Don’t you want to bend down without saying ouch? When you feel back pain, you may be tempted to grab pain medicine and stay in bed, but we have room for you on our massage table. Our massage therapist can give you exactly what you knead. So break up with back pain and fall in love with back health.

Say Yes to No Stress

It’s the month of love, but instead of saying yes to the dress, we’re saying yes to no stress. We talk about stress often here, because we see it in our clients. In fact, millions of Americans suffer from stress. There is good stress and bad stress. Good stress leads us to accomplish great things, and it helps us excel in challenges. Bad stress results in health issues like high blood pressure, anxiety, and overeating.

Because it’s the season of love, we want you to love your body. This means making health a priority and saying yes to no stress. Now, you may think that stress is something you can’t control, but you have full control over stress. Thinking about the effects of something not happening causes most stress. What will happen if I don’t meet this deadline? If this date doesn’t go well, what will I do? I’m stuck in traffic, what if I don’t arrive to work on time? As you can see, stress is a bunch of what ifs.

Saying yes to stress means changing your perspective. It also means booking a massage at Enhancing Massage and Bodyworks. We’re getting rid of stress this month one massage at a time.

How Would You Rate Your Mental Health

The month of January is all about resolutions. I’m sure you’ve heard enough from your family and friends about their New Year goals, and you’ve probably seen enough resolutions on social media. If I gave you $5 for every fitness related resolution you’ve seen, how much money would you have?

A lot of people are focused on fitness, and we truly support a fit lifestyle. However, being fit on the outside is just as important as mental health. MentalHealth.gov defines mental health as emotional, psychological, and social well-being, and neglecting mental health has it consequences. So on a scale from 1 to 10 (with 10 being perfect), how would you rate your mental health? If you’re a 10, then you don’t experience any stress, you sleep all night, and you get along perfectly with family, friends and coworkers. Since nobody’s perfect, I think we all can use some improvement on mental health.

Mental health is not about how you look; it’s about how you feel. A lot of people end up harming themselves and others when they become mentally unstable. We’ve spoke numerous times about stress and how it can affect your mental health. The best way to increase mental health is to control stress and other negative feelings. And, we can’t talk about stress and mental health without mentioning massage therapy. According to the American Massage Therapy Association, research suggests that symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression may be positively affected with massage therapy. Other ways to increase mental health is through exercise, sleep, and positive affirmations.

So, let’s work together this year to keep you healthy from the inside out.

Why a Massage Should Be Apart of Your Wellness Plan

What’s the number one source of your stress? The most common causes of stress are work, health, family and finances. Stress is very real, and it affects nearly half of Americans. Because stress in the workplace has a major impact on the mental health of employees, more employers are seeing the need to include massage therapy in their corporate wellness plan. Corporate wellness plans increase the physical activity, nutrition and wellbeing of employees. If your job includes massage therapy in their plan, the benefits are endless. If your job does not include massage therapy in their wellness plan, it’s up to you to take control so stress doesn't control you.

Some huge corporations provide a massage therapy voucher, and others dedicate onsite rooms for massage therapy. Most (if not all) of us spend more time at work than we do at home. Stress can originate from an overwhelming workload, being underpaid, and conflict with supervisors and peers.

Isn’t it great that Enhancing Massage and Bodyworks is affordable, has a Holiday Happy Hour Special, and accepts Flex Spending Account Debit Cards? Just adding one Therapeutic massage a month to your routine can make a huge difference. When you enter a massage therapy environment, the aroma and soft music instantly puts you at ease. It’s also no coincidence massage therapy makes you feel good. The physical art of massage therapy releases feel good chemicals in your body. Could you imagine wanting to cuss out that coworker or send that mean email after getting a massage?

One hour a month can change your entire life. Enter into 2015 relaxed, and book today!

How the Winter Affects Your Body

When it’s freezing outside, do you just hop in your car and go, or do you let it warm up? Most of us warm up our cars to save the engine and battery. I bet you didn’t know that your joints need that same care in cold weather. As the temperatures drop in Houston, I know you’re pulling out coats, jackets and anything else to keep yourself warm. These pieces are great for keeping you warm, but they can’t protect your joints from the cold weather. The cold weather doesn’t cause joint problems, but it can worsen them.

As a News in Health article explains, the balloon around the joint will expand a little when air pressure is low. The expanding tissues put pressure on the joints. People can actually feel changes in air pressure in their joints, which is why some people say they can predict the weather by the pain in their joints.

Conditions like arthritis and osteoarthritis are impacted by the cold weather, and stiff joints can cause injury and pain. The massage therapy available at Enhancing Massage and Bodyworks relieves joint pain and provides comfort during all weather conditions.

Can you imagine your muscles being massage by warm stones on a cold morning? Book now, and you won’t have to imagine.

Is Your Job Physically and Mentally Hurting You?

A UPS worker is responsible for delivering hundreds of heavy packages a week.

A hairstylist stands on their feet for several hours making sure others look and feel their best.

An accountant sits at a computer desk forever making sure the numbers are accurate.

And, firefighters risk their lives while carrying people and equipment from a burning building.

No matter what you do, most jobs require physical and mental strength. The result is upper body and lower body pain. If your job is physically or mentally demanding, a massage is just what the doctor ordered.

Whether it’s a sports, Swedish, deep tissue, or hot stone massage, they all lead to the same thing. Relaxation. Massages have been known to decrease anxiety, and increase sleep quality and energy. The environment of a massage therapy room is relaxing in itself with dim lighting and aroma. Also, the 60-90 minutes of silence allows you time to put your mind at ease.

Several different occupations were mentioned above, and there are thousands more that deal with physical strain at work. All massages include tissue manipulation to relieve pain and muscle tension. This is a reason that any athletes include massages into their wellness plan. The stretching, rubbing, and kneading movements that take place during a massage improve circulation and relax the muscles.

You’d be surprised at what a difference 60 minutes can make. So, take control of your health with a massage from Enhancing Massage and Body Works!

Baby Got Back... Pain

Do you take your back for granted? You may not realize it, but the back helps with a lot. Without it, it would be impossible to sit, grab items, do activities, exercise or bend down. Back pain also makes it difficult to do the above actions. When you picture someone who has back pain, a life alert commercial of a senior who has fallen and can’t get up may come to your mind. Back pain doesn't discriminate, and it can happen to people of all ages. Even if you’re in excellent physical shape, picking up an item that’s too heavy can dislocate a joint or cause strain. The bad news is that everyone has back pain at one point, the good news is a massage from Enhancing Massage and Bodyworks can work the pain right out.

The back, also known as the spine, is flexible and strong. Despite its flexibility, it can become a source of pain. Back pain can be linked to many causes. The older the bones get the more susceptible they are to pain. Disc degeneration, muscle tension, sprains, acquired conditions and tumors all cause back pain.

Rest is a great way to alleviate any pain, and a therapeutic technique like massage therapy is the next best thing. Massages relax the mind and body, and it reduces pain. The Enhancing Massage and Bodyworks Sports Massage is perfect for decreasing muscle tension. Our massage therapist will find out any areas of concern to create an effective therapy session.

So, the next time you have back pain, we’re only a phone call away.

Massage Therapies from Around the World

Raise your virtual hands if you enjoy traveling. Traveling allows us to experience new cultures, foods, architecture, and experiences. It can also open you up to new massage techniques. When in Houston, there’s nothing better than our sports massage or hot stone therapy, but would you give the cactus massage, snake massage, and elephant massage a try while in a foreign country? These interesting massage options are just a few of the many unique massage therapies from around the world.

If you ever make your way to Mexico, be sure to try the Cactus Massage. As the name implies, your body is massaged with a cactus. Ouch! It may sound painful but the cactus is de-needled prior to the therapy. When you think of cactus you may think of a desert, but its benefits are actually the opposite. The cactus is hydrating and detoxifying. During the massage the warm inner part of the cactus is applied to leave the body refreshed and smooth.

Snakes are poisonous, powerful reptiles, so why would they be used in a massage? In Israel and Indonesia non-venomous snakes are used to ease anxiety and muscle tension. The snakes are fed prior to the massage to ensure clients are not harmed. If you have to see this to believe it, pictures and videos of the therapy can be found on the Internet. The snake massage is a full body massage, and it is offered at a number of spas around the world

Deep pressure won’t be a problem with the Elephant Massage. If you’re going to Thailand this is a must see. Baby elephants use their trunk and feet to pat down visitors. There are elephant camps and spas in Thailand that perform this service. Although it doesn’t sound very safe, it could be entertaining to watch.

There massages won’t be available at Enhancing Massage and Body Works, but it’s always interesting to take a virtual massage therapy world tour. So, what interesting massages have you experienced?

Effective, Injury Proof Workouts

Whether you’re trying to bring sexy back, get summertime fine or get fit in the winter, it all requires a tough workout regime. Working out has physical and mental benefits for the body, but it can also place unwanted stress on the body if done incorrectly. We see success stories everyday about people who have lost weight, but there are also stories about people who have received injuries while working out. The wrists, ankles, neck and back are injury prone areas. At Enhancing Massage and BodyWorks, we not only treat injuries but we also educate you on preventing them. Decrease your chances of back and neck pain with these injury proof workout tips.

Change your workout

 If you’ve been trying a high intensity workout, try a low intensity workout. You can still break a sweat without hurting yourself. Yoga, Crossfit, Barre, and Pilates are very popular workout forms, and each is very distinct. For example, Barre workouts focus on proper form in the classroom, non-competitive atmosphere. Barre is ballet inspired, and it’s very small movements. There is a warm up, cool down and yoga-like stretching throughout the workout. This is definitely no Crossfit, but it’s just as effective without being a high injury risk.

Modify your movements

There are modifications available for many advanced workouts. It’s tempting to try to keep up with others if you’re not working out alone, but everyone has a different pace. Modifications are great for beginners or those who already have problem areas. A plank or pushup can be done on the knees instead of all fours, which takes a lot of pressure off the wrists and spine. You have to crawl before you can walk, so work your way into the hard moves.

Cool Down and Warm up

In the winter, we warm our car before driving it, so let’s do the same for our body. If you workout in the morning, your body has been at rest for at least seven hours. A proper warm up helps to loosen the muscles. A five-minute stretch can do the trick. Cooling down after an intense workout is equally important.

So, the next time you hit the gym try to implement the above tips to decrease your chances of injury.

Who Can Benefit from Massage Therapy


You’re the mom who spends most of her day picking up and putting down a toddler who weighs twice as much as you do. You’re the couch potato who just decided to start a more active lifestyle, and that first day of boot camp left you sore. You’re a seasoned athlete whose two-a-days are resulting in muscle tension. You’re a workaholic whose late night dates with the computer causes back tension. Although all of these people lead very different lifestyles, their common ground is they all can benefit from massage therapy.

There is a myth going around that massage therapy is for the rich and famous, and it’s only for luxury. The truth is that massage therapy can help with muscle tension, stress, injury and pains. Whether you make $15/hr or $50/hr, it is affordable, and it doesn’t have to come with the thrills of a silk robe, wine glass, and fur slippers. Massage therapy can fit any price budget, and Enhancing Massage’s rates prove it.

Massage therapy does not discriminate. It will rarely tell you you’re too old, too inactive, or too busy to reap its benefits. According to the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals, people don’t get massages

because they don’t find it necessary or they had too little time. However, 75% of clients who did get a massage in 2013 voiced favorable opinions about their massage therapy session. It’s hard to believe that physical, emotional, and mental health is unnecessary to some individuals. If you want to improve your quality of life, then massage therapy is for you.

Three Things You're Doing to Strain Your Neck


When we feel a headache, backache, neck pain, or any other kind of pain, our first step is to make it go away. However, it’s hard to find the solution to the problem when you don’t know the origin. A lot of injuries and accidents feel like it happened all of a sudden, but nothing happens without warning. Your lifestyle plays a huge part in how your body feels, and neck strain is a very common symptom a lot of clients experience. Neck strain is an injury to the muscles and tendons that support and move the head and neck. The best way to prevent neck strain is to take precaution when doing these three things:

  1. Talking on the phone: Of course, talking on the phone can’t be avoided. However, most of us use the phone for long periods of time. We also use the phone while doing other things. Can you recall the last time you held the phone without tucking it in between your neck and shoulder? The American Osteopathic Association recommends using both hands or a hands free device when using the phone.
  2. Desk Work: We often talk about the couch potato who spends all day on the sofa, but they aren’t prone to neck pains like the desk potato. More sedentary jobs require looking at a computer and typing on a keyboard for more than 50% of the workday. After a few hours of doing the same activities, your posture probably becomes poor. Activities like stretching, adjusting your monitor, and sitting correctly can alleviate upper body strain.
  3. Workouts: Form is everything when working out. Good form prevents minor and major injuries from occurring. The right exercises can easy neck pain, but the wrong exercises can cause neck pain. For instance, think about an ab move like sit ups. The wrong neck alignment can make the exercise very uncomfortable. It is always recommended to stretch and warm the body before any workout.

 A massage treatment can help relieve upper body pain caused by talking on the phone, deskwork, and workouts. Massages help to loosen the affected muscles and tendons. W Although massage therapy is a great treatment, prevention is key.  

The History of Massage Therapy

Just like you can’ t fully understand and appreciate a person without knowing their story, you won’t appreciate the value of massage therapy without knowing it’s history. So, follow me as I take you back in time to the origin of massage therapy.

The word massage therapy has Arabic, French, Latin and Greek derivation. It can mean to touch, to knead dough, or to work with the hands. The first record of massage therapy is found in Chinese artifacts and drawings. And, it’s no surprise that Thai massage has Chinese influences. While the Chinese played an important role in massage therapy, I can’t forget about the Egyptians. The Egyptians can be thanked for essentials oils and reflexology. Egyptian drawings also show the king enjoying foot massages.

Fast-forward to today, and the art of massage therapy is still thriving. In the United States, massage is practiced in hospitals, athletics, spas, and hospitals. In China massage therapy is still as popular as in ancient times. Today, there are many different types of massages available that weren’t around 5,000 years ago.

If you’ve ever doubted the healing power of massage therapy, its longevity proves that the practice wasn’t born last night. I wish I could take credit for being the first person to heal someone with my hands, but massage therapy has been around for more than 5000 years.

 Every culture and time period has contributed to the development of this practice. Massage therapy has been around for 5,000 years, and I’m positive it will be around for 5,000 more.

 Why Every Athlete Needs Massage Therapy

 Do you know what Lebron James physical regime consists of? For this NBA superstar, being a great athlete isn’t just about practicing on the court, but it is also about keeping your body healthy. In an interview, James reveals massage therapy is part of his usual pre-game routine.

Massage therapy has helped tons of athletes stay in shape, improve performance and relieve pain. You don’t have to be Lebron James or Michael Jordan to reap the benefits of this treatment. Massage therapy can help you be your best self in and out of the game.

Whether you play football, basketball, soccer, tennis or track and field, training can be hard on the body. Most practices last for hours, and they occur at least five days a week. The massaging technique removes waste out of the body, including lactic acid build up that a lot of athletes suffer from. A massage treats muscle tension, and it promotes healing of the tissues, muscles and joints.

Regular massage therapy strengthens theCardiovascular system, which has great benefits for the heart. Massages serve as a great post game option because it lowers the heart rate, leaving the player relaxed.

 As an athlete, you expect your body to score points, take you from one base to the other, and make slam-dunks. How do you tell your body thank you? A Sports Massage, also known as Deep Tissue Massage, will prepare you for peak performance and help your body recover.

 How to Prepare for Your First Massage

Massage Therapy in Houston

Congratulations! You’ve finally booked your relaxing massage for the first time. The first time doing anything can be both unfamiliar and exciting. If your first massage appointment is approaching, there is nothing to be nervous about. Preparation is key. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers for first time massage therapy clients.

 -   How does a massage feel? The feel of a massage depends on the type of massage. There will be pressure, kneading, stretching and other techniques involved. A deep tissue massage will involve more kneading, while a Swedish massage consists of more stretching. You can also request the type of pressure you prefer.

 -   Will I be naked during the massage? I want you to be fully comfortable during your massage therapy experience. For a full body massage, you will remove your clothes. However, you will be draped during the massage, and no personal areas will be exposed.

 -   What information should I disclose to my massage therapist? Before your appointment, you will be asked to fill out a form. Please don’t take this lightly. The form will ask for medical history including conditions, prescription drugs, and any other concerns.

 -   How much should I eat or drink before a massage? Eating too much prior to a massage may be uncomfortable to the digestive system. I recommend waiting after your massage to eat. This does not mean starve. For example, if your massage is at 1 p.m., don't go the whole day without eating. You can eat a late breakfast and still feel fine during your massage. You also want to drink plenty of water after so you don't feel dehydrated.

 No question is a stupid question when it comes to massage therapy. A massage is a great experience, and now that you are fully prepared enjoy!

 Rumor Has It…

A massage is a luxury for the rich and famous. A massage will help me relax, but if I’m in pain I’ll go to the doctor. A Swedish Massage is the best massage for me. You’ve probably heard or said one of the preceding statements, but they’re not entirely true. These are the three common rumors about massage therapy, and it’s time to set the record straight.

Myth 1: Massages are a luxury that you can’t afford.

Truth: Massages are both a luxury and a necessity. If you think about all the other “luxuries” you have each month like hair salons, gym and nail salons, a massage is probably equal in expenses. A massage is not a luxury for just rich people. Massage treatments are affordable for the stay at home mom, the working dad, and even the college student with a part-time job. It’s just up to you to decide how much your well being is worth.

Myth 2: A massage is just for relaxation.

Truth: Relaxation is just one of the many benefits of massage therapy. They are therapeutic and can get to the bottom of other problems. Massages have positive emotional, physical and mental effects. In fact, many people massage regularly to relieve pain or to rid their body of toxins. Cramps, headaches, back pain, and anxiety are also conditions that a massage can remedy. So, whether you need to relax and relieve pain, massages can get the job done.

Myth 3: The only massage available is a Swedish.

Truth: There is more to massages than a Swedish massage. Although it is the most common massage, there are other types available. A back massage, reflexology, deep tissue massage, and hot stone massage are some of the other options available. If you are unsure about which massage is right for you, you can always give us a call at Enhancing Massage and Bodyworks to speak to a professional.

So, don’t believe everything you hear when it comes to massage therapy. It’s best to trust the expert at Enhancing Massage Therapy and Bodyworks. Schedule your appointment here.

Massage the Man in Your Life

Father’s Day is on the way. Most people will go out and buy a suit, shirt or hat for the special man in their life, but not you. You understand that he deserves more than an ordinary gift. You know that paying him back for his love, appreciation and advice goes beyond material things. You understand that a massage to support his physical and mental health is the perfect way to show gratitude. Below is how you can massage the man in your life for Father’s Day.

 The deep tissue massage is a favorite among men. It’s a form of tissue manipulation to alleviate pain and stress. And because he is extra special, the 90-minute massage is definitely recommended. This is the perfect way to make him feel good without having to lift a finger. The deep tissue massage can break down any painful tissue and relax the muscles. The special man in your life will thank you forever for this service.

There is also the classic swedish massage. This massage relaxes the body with long strokes. The treatment is perfect for any man who’s been feeling stressed. The massage increases circulation, improves mood, and posture. Once the session is over, he will be begging for more. The massage package of 4 Wellness Massages would be a perfect gesture.

 There is no wrong choice when it comes to massages for men. Because of the benefits associated with massage therapy, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Avoid the mall parking and crowds, and get him what he deserves this Father’s Day. Book online today!

How to Know Which Massage is Right for You

Now that you know massage therapy is the cure to stress, it’s hard to resist setting up an appointment for a massage. You’ve decided you need a massage, but figuring out which massage you need is the next step. While a hot stone massage may sound good, if you’re experiencing muscle pain a deep tissue may be more suitable. Think about the right massage as you would a workout. If your goal is to loose fat, you will probably do more cardio. If your goal is to gain muscle and tone, you will do more strength training and conditioning. The right massage for you will depend on your goals and the results you are expecting. Below are some of the massages offered at Enhancing Massage and BodyWorks and how to know which one is right for you.

Chair Massage: Unlike other massages, this massage is performed while you are in a seated position. A chair massage is great if you want to focus on your upper body. Attention is given to the neck, upper and lower back which is ideal for people who have sedentary desk jobs. Because these massages are so convenient, some corporate companies are offering them to employees onsite. Chair massages reduce stress, relieves neck and back muscle aches, and increases circulation.

Sports/Deep Tissue: A sports/deep tissue massage focuses on loosening the muscles. This massage is designed for those who need to prevent or relieve injury. If you’re looking for a relaxing massage, this may not be your first choice. This massage is a little more uncomfortable than a classic massage, but it is great for athletes who have knots that need to be worked out. The sports/deep tissue massage promotes flexibility and alleviates pain.

 Hot Stone Massage: What if you’re not experiencing any pain, and you just want an hour of relaxation? During a hot stone massage heated stones are placed on the body and used to massage. This feels even more amazing than it sounds. The hot stones are effective for relieving muscle tension, but it’s a more gentle method than the deep tissue massage.

 Each massage offered at Enhancing Massage and Bodyworks has its purpose. If you have doubts about which massage is right for you, don’t hesitate to give the office a ring. Although each massage is performed differently, they all promote physical and mental healing. Read about all of our services here.

The Cure to Stress

Relaxing Massage

You’re behind on deadlines at work. The bills are coming faster than you can pay them. You have a big event approaching. The doctor just called saying there are complications with your health. All of these situations have one thing in common, and that is stress.

Stress has countless mental, emotional and physical effects on the body. It’s more realistic to find a way to relieve stress than expect the problems to disappear. Massage Therapy has many benefits including relieving stress, and it is just what the doctor ordered.

Massage Therapy is both relaxing and therapeutic, and it has been around for over 5,000 years. Today, massage is perceived as a luxury for the rich and famous, but the truth is it’s a necessity for most people. We all experience stress at some point in our life. Bad stress can cause depression, fatigue, muscle tension, and irritability. There is a relaxation and mechanical response associated with massages. Massages release the chemical serotonin which contributes the to feeling of happiness. Also, the tissue manipulation reduces nerve compression and improves functions of muscles.

These day and ages medicine seems to be the answer to anything, but don’t underestimate the power of touch. A Wellness Massage, Hot Stone Massage, and Deep Tissue Massage can all release the tension that stress causes. So, the next time you’re feeling stressed Enhancing Massage and BodyWorks has the cure.









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