Enhancing Massage and BodyWorks, LLC
'Alleviating pain while rejuvenating the body'
Thank you for visiting Enhancing Massage and BodyWorks, where the client's ability to perform or simply carry on with daily living without the nuisance of aches and pains is the focus. Results are guaranteed every session!


Focusing on:

  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Sports Massage

Whether you're an athlete or someone who suffers pain from an accident or chronic conditions, a Deep Tissue or Sports Massage would be the massage for you. Deep Tissue Massage is best to help with pain relief as it's geared to go deeper than the surface layer of the muscles. Sports Massage is helpful with range of motion (ROM), keeping  tendons and ligaments loose, or simply preparing or restoring the body before and after a sports event. Tameika's keen knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology guarantees results every session.


 "A therapeutic massage - it's so much more than a just a massage. It is an opportunity to improve the quality of your life and to nurture a healthier lifestyle. "

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